Consciously Create a Life & Body YOU Love,
without dieting, without spending countless hours in the gym, and without changing jobs or winning the lottery!

Who are Kathi and Mark?

Kathi and Mark are the creators and owners of Eclectic Well-Being, where they help men and women who feel like they are stuck on the hamster wheel of mediocrity learn multi-faceted and holistic approaches to health and wellness so that they can feel confidant and comfortable in their own skin again, having more health, more joy and more abundance.

After many years on the hamster wheel themselves, Mark and Kathi opened a yoga studio where they became certified yoga instructors and created a yoga community that made yoga accessible to all as well as serving the advanced practitioner.

With the uncertainty created by Covid in 2020, and their better understanding of overall well-being, they decide to create a community for those seeking to improve not just their health, not just their mindset, but their overall life! Those who want to live their life to the fullest but don’t know how to get there!

They believe everyone can access higher levels of well-being in their own unique way, thus the name eclectic, “deriving ideas from a diverse range of sources.”

Eclectic Well-Being works with their clients to curate a personal path to a well lived life! Kathi is a certified Transformational Life Coach and specializes in Mindset and Positive Psychology. Mark is a certified Mindset and Health Coach through Precision Nutrition®. Together they provide solutions that focus on the Internal, External and Connected Self; incorporating mindset, mindfulness, nutrition, body movement, and community; ultimately unlocking new levels of happiness and vitality.

Discover the Difference

Well-being is defined as; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity. It’s more than a mindset or being happy, and it’s more than simply being healthy. It’s how we view our lives as a whole and how we are overall functioning. At Eclectic Well-being, we don’t focus on simply mindset or only health. We support the whole person, your complete well-being.

We are Eclectic, believing there are many paths to a life of abundance. Unlike one-size-fits-all programs with only one option for success, or one-to-one programs lacking community support and accountability, we create a personal path with you, using various modalities and options while surrounding you with a community of others on their own journey in search of a well-lived life.

"Kathi shares personal experiences openly, and this makes her very approachable. She communicates honestly, sincerely, and with humor where appropriate. When Kathi offers guidance, it is genuine. It feels like it comes from a place of friendship, not dictatorial or pompous."


"The Total Mind Shift was very helpful and insightful in gaining clarity and understanding my true strengths and using those strengths to achieve my goals. It motivated me to invest time in learning new things and activities both in personal life and professional life. Kathi did a great job in setting up my action items to achieve my goals through the personalized 1:1 coaching sessions. What I learned will certainly help in generating new ideas about living a purposeful life and in setting up empowering beliefs and overcoming the limiting beliefs. I highly recommend!"

Sai Praneeth Bathena

Mark has great insight about living healthy. Professional, safe and enjoyable.


When I discovered Kathi & Mark's "Dream Retreat" retreat in St. Croix, I signed up right away. It was exactly the kind of get-away that I needed to feel refreshed and energized personally and in my business.

Judy Herman

"My Life Coach experience with Kathi Szabo exceeded expectations! Kathi was amazing! She took me out of my comfort zone professionally and compassionately into a new comfort zone! Of surprise to me was how much I learned about my strengths, personality, talents and skill set! Through Kathi’s coaching I found clarity and peace of mind with workplace and personal life-giving-life decisions. It was one of the best time and financial investments I’ve made. I highly recommend Kathi as Life Coach!"


I recently completed the Total Mindshift program with Kathi and can honestly say she helped me change my ways of thinking in such a positive way. Kathi's perspective on goals, clarity, limiting beliefs, and life in general have made me realize I have so many options and opportunities right in front of me and the power to make decisions about them.

Patricia Krakosky

I went on a destination retreat to the Poconos and had a fun time. Kathi and Mark are great hosts. I would definitely go on another retreat.

Toula Pilaras

Professional / personal/ and just all around great people!

David Shelton

"I'm no longer eating till I'm overstuffed. Doing a lot more vegetables. But not depriving myself. I feel positive about the future."


The Journey to Higher Levels of

Well-Being is Simple


No matter what it is you want – Happiness, Love, Success, Health – It all comes down to having a growth mindset. As certified Transformational Mindset Coaches, we use positive psychology, character strengths, and mindfulness to help our clients create a life they love!



Whether you want to slim down, get in shape or simply live a longer, healthier life, we take an holistic approach; thinking about how you want to feel, the life you want to live, the things you want to do so that you have a reason to create the body you love!



Studies show exposure to nature stimulates relaxation and  lowers anxiety and stress levels. We help our clients connect with Nature and Community through hiking and Forest Bathing, Day Retreats and our Destination Retreats across the US and the globe.