What is well-being? Dictionary.com defines it as “a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity.”  One can view it as the combination of feeling good in your own skin, being optimistic and feeling upbeat about life, and overall living a life of abundance.

You may be asking yourself, “Isn’t that simply happiness?” 

It’s similar, but happiness refers to how we feel at a moment in time.  It does not reflect how we view our lives as a whole or how we are overall functioning.  Someone may be happy, but not healthy.  One may be healthy but not all that happy. 

Well-being looks at the internal self, our feelings, thoughts, and emotions, as well as our external self, our body, including our eating habits as well as movement, and we believe it also includes our connected self, how we connect to the world, nature and other people.  Joy. Health. Abundance.

So why Eclectic Well-Being?  Well we believe there are many paths, in all aspects of our lives.  Healthy eating can be done through a plant-based diet, or a Keto philosophy.  Your daily exercise may include resistance training or weight-lifting, or it may simply be walking a mile or two.  Even our self-care choices are all our own, with someone wanting a massage and someone else wanting to spend some quiet time reading a book! 

Eclectic, defined as “deriving ideas, styles, or taste from broad and diverse range of sources.”

Eclectic Well-Being. Focused on bringing well-being to you via many paths.  We believe each person is unique and thus with different needs and desires.  Eclectic Well-Being does not focus on any one modality or any one formula to improve well-being.  We take the time to understand each client and discover what makes sense for them.  It is not a one size fits all program! 

So what do we offer?  Well we start with a Well-Being Overview.  This is composed of 3 surveys that measure different aspects of you.  First is The VIA Character Strengths Survey which research shows when you have an awareness and understanding of your character strengths, they can help you increase happiness, find purpose, improve relationships, decrease stress, and accomplish your goals.  We also use PERMAH, a well-being assessment created through the positive psychology department at UPenn.  To help you on the external side, we utilize Precision Nutrition’s Nutritional Assessment so you can take charge of your eating habits. And finally there is our own proprietary Well-Being Wheel of Assessment, which lets you tell us how you see your levels of well-being.  Where you are doing great, and where you could use some support.  Mark and I spend time with you, getting to understand what you want and then helping you curate your own path to get there. 

Our Essentials Package includes 3 weekly classes on Mindset, 3 weekly movement classes for the physical body, a monthly virtual community well-being program with guest speakers and a monthly virtual nutrition call with Mark where discussions will be on current health topics as well as cooking demonstrations and recipe sharing!   

Need more help on your path to greater well-being?  Mark specializes in one to one nutritional coaching and Kathi can guide you through her 8 week program, the Total Mind Shift or through one to one coaching as well.  If we can’t provide whatever you need to bring more joy, health and abundance into your life, we’ll help guide you to where you can get the support.  It doesn’t have to be with us! We are here to help curate your path to higher levels of well-being.  Key word being curate, to help you design it!  Whatever it is! 

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Wishing everyone much joy this holiday season!

With a grateful heart,
Kathi Szabo, co-owner