by Kathi Szabo

Authentic – Not false or copied; genuine; real

Genuine – possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin; not counterfeit.

To be our Authentic Self we must be genuine. And to be genuine, we must not be counterfeit.

But how do we know when we are being genuine, when we are being our Authentic Self?

I’ve asked this question many times.  Who am I? What do I believe? What life do I want?

They seem like simple questions, but when I try to answer them, my mind goes in many directions.

Who am I?

That is the most difficult. I am creation. I am all being. I am simply me.

What do I believe?

Why do I pose this question?

What you believe you become. What you believe you experience. If I believe in abundance, I will have abundance.

As Einstein once stated, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” If we believe in a friendly universe, we will experience a friendly universe.  Whereas if we believe in a hostile universe, we will experience a hostile universe.

Our beliefs dictate what we experience. My belief that humans are inherently good, leads me to people who are inherently good.  Because I believe it is there, I can easily find it. Whereas if I believed humans are inherently evil, I would see the evil as that is where my mind is focused.

What we believe is what we experience. Our experiences are shaped by our beliefs. Our lives are each a unique experience, lived only by us. I may share my life with a partner, yet our experiences will be completely different.  I may travel with a friend, but our experience of the day will each be our own.

Our experiences our what our mind creates.  No two individuals will experience life in the same way. Not even twins. We may have similarities, but there will be differences.

If our minds create our experiences, we can create whatever we desire.

What life do I want?

Probably the most important questions to define the Self. Clarity on the life we want, dictates who we become.

How much time do you spend answering this question? Do you answer it once and then find all the reasons why it can’t happen? Or do you get impatient that it is not happening today and so you move on to something else you want only to repeat the cycle again.  We can always find the reasons why something can’t happen, just as we can always find the reasons as to why it CAN Happen!

I have done exactly that.  I have decided what life I wanted, but then had second thoughts. I created doubt and thus I moved on to something else.  Manifesting the life we want, becoming our Authentic Self is not easy. It requires patience, belief, and an undying desire.

I see friends with such clarity in the life they want that it unfolds easily.  And yet I see others who desire a certain life but believe it’s impossible so they suffer wanting something they believe they can’t have.  What you believe is what you experience, so they will never have the life they desire because they don’t believe with their full being that they are worthy of it.

The Genuine Self

Being our Genuine Self is believing we can create whatever we want. Not letting others influence our desires, our dreams, our purpose.

Understanding our purpose is not always easy. We tend to think small. Not making way for our unlimited potential.

Living Authentically is living each day that brings us inner joy, peace and a sense of truth. It means simply being. Listening to our own inner wisdom, separating it from the noise, which sometimes overwhelms us and has us believing the noise.

A genuine life is filled with challenges, but facing those challenges is how we discover more of our Soul. Challenges bring out our Inner Being if we embrace them each day, growing and learning more of our being. Believing we are more than today. Believing we are a significant part of something greater than ourselves.

Living Authentically is simply living every day with a belief in our Self. A belief that we are part of a greater plan and that all we desire is just beyond if we keep believing.