by Mark Szabo

I was recently on a call with my friend Ken.  Ken is a great guy. He loves helping people. So naturally, when he found out I was a Nutrition Coach, he wanted to help me with my marketing.

He told me I should put out some content advertising an offer along the lines of:

[Extra Sarcasm]

Sign up now and get into YOUR BEACH BODY in Just SIX WEEKS!!!

[/Extra Sarcasm]

Now, Ken meant well, and in all fairness to him, he was probably thinking of something much less cheesy.

But here’s the thing: I help people get lean, and stay lean.  Programs that offer quick turn-around times like “Beach Body in 6 weeks,” don’t last.

Could I create a program for fast weight loss? Sure. It’s not rocket science. I could simply have people drastically reduce their food intake to about 800 calories a day and exercise like fiends. The weight will come right off, but then, just like ever other crash diet program out there, as soon as those people stop doing those things, the weight will come right back onAnd often with a vengeance!

I can’t do that to people in good conscience.

My job as a Nutrition Coach is not about putting people through yet another round of diet yo-yo hell.

I help people break out of that cycle. Permanently. Forever. For the rest of their lives.

I work with my clients to come up with a solution that works for them. A solution they can live with, that’s not going to have them starving all day long; and without doing some crazy cardio routine.

A healthy, long-term, sustainable solution.

I give people the skills they need to reach and maintain their lean mass without adding to their fat mass each year.

Imagine what it could be like to consistently burn off extra fat, slowly but surely, without feeling hungry all the time.

Picture stepping on the scale and being pleased that the numbers are moving in the right direction.

What if instead of feeling run down all the time, there was a feeling of being energized, ready to take on more and more?

How would it be to look in the mirror, and admire the reflection looking back?

Would it be OK if other people admired that image too?

These days people have been conditioned to believe that in order to be fit and slim, they need to eat basic, bland, boring, boiled, low-calorie food that they hate, while also spending hours upon hours going nowhere on a treadmill / exercise bike / elliptical / whatever cardio machine.

That’s simply not true.

I mean, sure, people can get healthy that way.

But, how long would you expect someone to keep doing something that they aren’t enjoying?

The answer is two weeks.

Two weeks is the average amount of time people will give to a new diet or exercise plan before they call it quits.

Why? Because it sucks!

There’s a reason the diet industry keeps coming up with a new fad diet every year.

People tried the last one, and hated it.

“Oh, but here’s this NEW all-rutabaga diet! You haven’t tried this one yet!”

Yeah, same crap, different packaging. I don’t care how good that rutabaga is, no one is going to lose weight on that plan because it’s too monotonous.

To be successful, the plan needs to be something that people will actually enjoy.

And if people are doing something they enjoy, they’ll stick with it.

When people stick with something they enjoy, they’ll see results.

It really is that simple.

So, if it really is that simple, why are so many people overweight?

Because they’ve never hired a Nutrition Coach.

The average person tries a new diet 126 times in their lifetime.

126! And none of them worked!

Does that mean that these people are stuck being overweight?

No! It means they keep trying the wrong approach.

This is exactly why I became a Nutrition Coach.

There is such a large swath of bad information out there in the health sector. I’m like Google for Nutrition Information. I get my clients only the information that’s relevant to their needs and goals. And I filter out all of the bad, misleading, and often downright wrong information so they know they’re on the right path.

Have you ever seen movie stars make dramatic changes to their physique for a role? Do you know how they did that? It wasn’t by eating boiled cabbage and chicken 5 times a day.

They made that change by hiring a coach to help them.

A coach who understood:

  • the goals of the client,
  • the needs of the client’s body,
  • the best nutrient profile for the client based on needs and goals,
  • the optimum time and way to deliver those nutrients, and
  • what to adjust based on performance and results.

The latest fad diet or internet quick weight loss program isn’t giving anyone any of that.

So, thank you, Ken, for the marketing suggestion.

My focus remains on long-term, life transformations.