by Kathi Szabo

The Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring, was once considered the beginning of the new year. It is the start of planting season, signifying renewal, growth, and life.

Farmers are readying the soil and beginning to sow their crops. Birds are nesting and laying eggs for the next generation. Wildlife that has been slow or dormant over the winter emerges looking for food and a new spring home.

Even the name itself, Spring, brings to mind movement, change and regeneration!

No wonder many of us reset our goals, our intentions, and our homes – so many of us participate in “Spring Cleaning!”

Why not spring clean our minds so we can reset, and plant new thoughts?

Clear the Cobwebs

Why is it that one day I notice one cobweb and suddenly they are everywhere!  I can go for months without seeing a one and then all of a sudden the light hits the wall, the ceiling, the window corner, and WOW! A huge cobweb! I wonder how I didn’t see it. And then another appears. And another and I’m spending the day dusting and eliminating them wondering if guests or others who have been to my home noticed them in disgust.

It’s the same with our thoughts.

A cobweb is simply a spider web that is no longer in use, but it collects dust and pollen, and dirt. The cobwebs of our mind are those thoughts that no longer serve us, yet we keep them around. They attract like thoughts and emotions that also don’t serve us, but until we remove them they remain in our minds, collecting negativity.

Spring is the perfect time to dust out those thoughts. Release them along with those attached to them. These are the limiting beliefs that we may have thought we overcame, but are still lingering in the back of our minds.

Dust out those lingering thoughts by first acknowledging they are still there. For example, this past week during our coaching call with our coach (yes, coaches have coaches – we need support too!) Mark realized that the block he was having was the same limiting belief he thought he had cleared out long ago. But here it was, resurfacing when the light hit it just right.  Just like cobwebs.

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

It’s important to recognize that many of our limiting beliefs are so ingrained in our minds the cobwebs remain hidden until there is a light that brings them out of the darkness. That’s why when we notice them, we clean them out.

It’s all about the practice we call, the Power of Decision. It’s something I teach all my Total MindShift clients and speak about in different talks. Mark talks also teaches it in his Well-Being 101 Call.

Beliefs are simply decisions our mind accepts as pure fact. And when we find some limiting beliefs, those cobwebs that are collecting dust, we simply need to make a new decision and clean out those cobwebs!

Plant Seeds of Intention

If we want to grow a life of abundance, we must plant those seeds.  And we must have complete clarity on what we want to grow.

If we want beans, we don’t plant seeds from a butternut squash!  If we want violets to grow, we don’t plant daisies.

It’s the same with our dreams and desires. We must plant the intention, but we must have complete clarity on what we want to grow.

Spring is the ideal time to look at the life you are creating and decide if this is still what you want. We change. We grow. Our dreams and desires will evolve. Allow yourself to let go of dreams and plant seeds for new ones.

Create intentions for where you are today. Be absolutely clear on what it is you want. Then plant the seed with a clear vision of what will sprout.

Nurture Your Garden

As spring turns to summer, it is important to nurture our dreams, just as we nurture a garden of flowers or vegetables. Watering them when they need a drink, clearing out the weeds, just like clearing out the cobwebs.

Our dreams can have difficulty becoming reality when we don’t take the time to nurture them. We need to support them with action. This could be taking a class to learn more about what we want. Hiring a coach to help keep us accountable. Talking with others who can help us. If we do something every day that is aligned with our desires, we are walking the path and it will lead us to our dreams.

So get to that Spring Cleaning of your Mind. Clean out the cobwebs and dust. Replace it with new empowering beliefs. Then plant a spring garden of intentions. With a bit of nurturing, our seeds will grow into our desires. Consciously creating a life we love!