by Kathi Szabo

Yesterday I got into my white jeans!

That may not be that exciting to you, but for me, it brought me so much joy! I mean I was giddy!

I absolutely love wearing white jeans in summer! White jeans in summer are fresh and crisp and I had been dying to wear my new Eclectic Well-Being Tee with them!

But every time I went to put them on, the jeans were just too tight.

So when I was able to wear them last night – with my Eclectic Tee – to a networking event, I was thrilled! I wanted to jump up and down and tell everyone!

Why was I thrilled?

Well I don’t want to be THAT person that is so focused on their body. I believe in loving your body no matter what, but I also understand, sometimes that’s hard.

Not because of society, but our own voices or expectations.

I have a goal to lower my body weight. Notice that I am not saying lose weight because when we lose something, we usually want to find it again. I don’t want to find this extra weight; I want it to leave and never come back.

BUT….. this does NOT mean I don’t already have a positive image of my body right now!

My goal to be at 150 is not a NEED in order to feel good about myself.

I feel good about myself no matter what. I am not my body. My body is simply the vessel in which I live this life I’ve been given.

Maybe you’re wondering then, why do I have a goal to lower my body weight? And why, if I love my body regardless, why was I so happy to get into my white jeans?

Let’s tackle the first question, why I want to lower my body weight.

I do not want to lower my weight because I feel I am less of a woman or I am less desirable or loved at my current weight. Heck, I go around braless in many situations. I don’t feel my body is who I am.

But, I want to do things, like hike a mountain, without getting winded. I want to fit into some of my favorite clothes – my white jeans.

It is not about my feelings of body image. It is more how I FEEL in my current body. Right now, I don’t have energy in my body. It’s sluggish when I hike and it’s aging faster than I would like.

My desire to weigh less is because I want to live longer.

I want to live longer enjoying my life, doing things that I want to do.

So today I am happy I got into my white jeans (I didn’t mention that just a month ago they didn’t zip up).

I am moving in the right direction. The number on the scale is not important. How I FEEL in my clothes and in my daily activity is what it’s important.

Each day I note my progress by how I FEEL and nothing else!

And I am doing it for ME!

This is healthy living.

I am focused on my Well-Being.

I am not losing weight to fit some society definition of what I should be.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to have a healthy body. It’s ok to have a goal to be at a lower weight, or for some, a higher weight. But how you get there is not by following the latest fad diet. Or by working out to the point of exhaustion.

It is about finding the right lifestyle that works for you, one that keeps you living healthier and longer.  Providing a body that is able to do all the things you love!  It must work for you, not me or your partner. YOU!

If it doesn’t work for you, it’s not going to work, period.

It’s about loving the body you have by taking care of it!

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