by Kathi Szabo

If you are a regular reader of Eclectic Thoughts, you will recall I am writing about the 3 steps to Consciously Create a Life YOU Love!

Step one is understanding your Spiritual Vision, your WHY!  When we know and embody our purpose, and how we relate to the world, we create a solid foundation. We have no doubt. We know our reason for being and thus we take aligned action.

Step 2 is clarity. Without clarity, living our life is like driving through the fog. Things look like they may be what we want, but they’re distorted and unclear. What we want may be right in front of us, but we miss it in the low visibility because we don’t have clarity.  And then we wind up finding things we weren’t looking for, letting life happen and living a life that is not aligned with our values.

Most of us know exactly the life we don’t want, but we rarely take the time to completely visualize what it is that we do want. Creating a clear vision of the life we want to live, complete with details of everything, but without attachment, allows the mind to show us options that will bring us closer to our vision.

And with our vision and values, we then learn to make powerful decisions!

Yes, the third and final step is The Power of Decision!

If you’ve never read the book, The Power of Decision, by Raymond Charles Barker, get a copy! It is well worth the read.

All of this is already in you. The great use it. The non-great do not, so they remain the non-great. Decide upon something, situation or condition that you want right now in your present life. Be definite in this decision. Do not limit your decision by investigating the probably reasons why it will never happen. That is the detour to nothing.” (Barker, page 34)

So many of us stop because we immediately start thinking of the how. We start to feel overwhelmed or inferior or stupid because we don’t the how. And when we start questioning the how, we find all the reasons why it will never happen.

And thus we decide it will never happen.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


I’m sure some of you are reading that and are thinking, “What? Of course I need to know the how? How else can I plan and make it happen?”

Let me take you back to the beginning. To one of the first goals every human being has as an infant. The desire to walk.

Babies have no idea how the body works. They don’t know how to press their feet into the floor and then lift one foot up and move it forward. The first thing they do is watch others. They have that vision of walking. And then they make the decision that they are going to do it. So they begin to replicate what they see others doing. Testing different moves. All along having made the decision to stand and walk. It’s only after they have made the decision that they begin to walk.

Nothing can be done. Nothing can be achieved, until a decision is made.

I could not write this blog until I decided to write this blog. Once I made the decision, I then started to figure out the how, what will I write about, what order, etc…

I cannot create a business until I know the business I want to create. The business plan does not get written until I know who my customer is and what need this business will provide them. Then in writing the business plan I figure out the how. And that how is revised over and over again. A new business does not start without having an understanding of its purpose and clarity on what it will achieve. Then a decision is made to create said business and we work on the business plan.

The Power of Decision in Consciously Creating a Life YOU Love is that you decide you are worthy of this life you desire. You DECIDE this is the life you were meant to live. You DECIDE to live that life and your mind, because the mind is a goal-achieving machine, will show you the how!

What stands in our way many times is our own limiting beliefs. Those beliefs that are so hard-wired in our brains, we may feel it’s impossible to change them.

BUT, it can be done.

Let me propose this thought; that these limiting beliefs are simply decisions we have made in the past, and to change them, all we need to do is make a new decision.

Beliefs and Decisions. Are they the same?

Do you believe that family is important? Or did you decide that family is important?

If you believe climate change is real, didn’t you just decide that it was real?

Beliefs are decisions that our mind accepts as pure fact. It is a neuro connection in the brain that is strong and is our default.

But when we have beliefs that limit us, like the ever popular, “I’m not good enough,” or put another way, “everyone is better than me,” we must change them into Powerful Decisions, or we will continue to let life happen rather than create a life we love.

How do we consciously formulate a new decision?

We use what David Bayer calls the Decision Matrix. This practice helps us change change our thought patterns. We use neurosculpting and we change our neuro connections or how the brain thinks.

This process is a practice I teach in my Total MindShift Group and One-to-One program.  It does not happen overnight.  As I said, it is a practice.  One that takes time.

But it starts with that first Powerful Decision, deciding to live the life you desire. Consciously making this decision. Deciding you will not settle for anything less. Surrendering yourself to this decision, knowing the how will present itself in time. Trusting you live in a friendly universe. You must simply make the decision, do the work to let go of limiting beliefs, and be ever vigilant in consciously observing and noticing when the how presents itself.

I said simply because it is simple.  It is only difficult when we let the negative thoughts, those limiting beliefs into our mind. When we focus our attention on them instead of our powerful decision.

So there it is, the 3 Simple Steps to Consciously Creating a Life YOU Love:
  1. Understanding your why, your purpose.
  2. Having complete clarity on the life you want to live. Visualizing it completely yet not being tied to when or how.
  3. Mindfully making a powerful decision that you shall have this life, opening your mind’s eye to presenting the how later. Letting go of the limiting beliefs that may hold you back.

In each step we are consciously creating, consciously deciding, Consciously Living.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become actions; watch your actions, they become habits; watch your habits, they become character; watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” ― Frank Outlaw

It all starts with our decision of what thoughts we will think.

“What the mind can conceive, man can achieve.” Raymond Charles Barker