by Kathi Szabo

Six months have come and gone. In just another week, we will start the second half of 2023.

Did you make any goals for the year? Any New Year Intentions?

Summer is a perfect time to recommit to our Intentions, reimagine our goals, make any adjustments and reset!

As the seasons change, we do as well. But it’s important to take time to reflect. Change course or recommit. Maybe change our strategies. Or even change our mindset!

Take charge of the second half of the year. Weed and cultivate your garden! The garden that is the life you create!

Weed Your Garden

Have you ever noticed how all of a sudden your garden goes from having no weeds to having so many you don’t know how you’ll ever clear them all!  I can go for days without noticing the weeds and then all of a sudden, BAMB, they are just everywhere!

They were there all along. Popping up a little each day. I was just too busy to notice.

When one weed pops up through the soil, next to our beloved flowers or veggies, we don’t take the time to really notice it. But that weed runs underground and pops another weed. And another. And another. Our negative thoughts and limiting beliefs act in the same way. One pops in our mind, and we don’t notice its impact. But then it roots into our mind, and another appears. And another. And soon our mind is racing with negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, stopping us from following our intentions, living the life we truly desire. Giving up on our dreams and goals.

We can’t stop them until we notice them.

A while back during a call with our coach, (yes, coaches have coaches) Mark realized that the block he was having was the same limiting belief he thought he had cleared out long ago. But here it was, resurfacing.  His mind was getting weeds again, but he hadn’t noticed. It took our coach asking the right questions for him to notice. That’s what coaches do. Help you notice.

Many of our limiting beliefs are woven in so tight in our minds, they remain hidden, simply something we continue to think, like a bad habit. They remain until we stop and notice them. It is only when we notice them can we remove them from our minds, just like we weed the garden.

It’s all about the practice we call, the Power of Decision.

If you’ve been a part of any of our coaching programs, you’ll recall this being part of it. This concept completely changed our lives and continues to keep us moving forward, even when life throws us difficulties. A practice so life changing is worth sharing!

Our limiting beliefs are what hold us back. They stop us from fulfilling our intentions.

In order to live the life we truly desire, we have to make powerful decision. But to do that, we have to let go of limiting beliefs. But we can’t let go of them until we notice them.

Are any limiting beliefs stopping you right now from your intentions for 2023?

Have you stopped to acknowledge them? Have you made a new powerful decision? (Check out the 7-Day MindShift if you need help in making new powerful decisions. Or if you’re in SW Michigan, come to our event on Wednesday, June 28 at the South Shore Health & Racquet Club in St Joe, Get Happy Get Healthy)

Cultivate Your Garden

Once we weed the mind of our limiting beliefs and reset our intentions with powerful decisions, recommitting to our desires, it’s time to cultivate our garden.

Just as we cultivate our gardens in the summer, ensuring a bountiful harvest in the fall, now is the time to cultivate our dreams and desires. Fertilize your dreams with education and support. Water your garden of dreams by taking action each and every day.

Our dreams can have difficulty becoming reality when we don’t take the time to nurture them. We need to support them with action. This could be taking a class to learn more about what we want. Hiring a coach to help keep us accountable. Talking with others who can help us. If we do something every day that is aligned with our desires, we are walking the path and it will lead us to our dreams.

Taking action throughout the year, ensures the same bountiful harvest for our intentions as for our gardens.

Summer Kickstart

If you are feeling stuck and want to kickstart your intentions for 2023, here are few ideas to get you going!

  1. Review your intentions. Are they still important to you? If no, let them go and define some new ones. If not recommit and move on. Take a moment and read my thoughts on maybe just utilizing a word for the rest of the year in last January blog post, LIFE IS AN ENDLESS PROGRESSION OF BECOMING.
  2. Create or update your vision board. Vision Boards help our brain learn what is important to us. Summer is a great time to update it. If you don’t have a vision board, create one! Vision Boards are a great way to gain clarity of what we desire and provide focus each day by displaying it in a prominent place.
  3. Weed out those limiting beliefs. Learn more abour limiting beliefs in another blog post, STEP 3 OF CONSCIOUSLY CREATING A LIFE YOU LOVE.
  4. Cultivate your dreams by taking action. Decide what you are going to do to move yourself closer to your desires. They don’t have to be huge things, just small steps, small changes that are aligned with your intentions or your goals. A quick read that helped me see it’s all about doing just 3 simple things a day is THE POWER OF 3, by Lisa Dietlin.

Summer can be the perfect time for kickstarting the dreams and intention you had just 6 months ago. It’s a time for resetting and ensuring 2023 is the year we break free and move into becoming our best Self. Living our best life! Creating a life we love.

And if you want to spend the summer playing more, exploring more and laughing more, using play to invigorate your spirit, join me for our 30-day challenge, Explore Laugh Play! Play is not just for kids! It’s completely Free and completely Fun!