by Kathi and Mark Szabo

When we decided to become coaches, some in our family wondered what exactly does a coach do?  Who hires you?  Why do they hire you?

Let’s first discuss what coaches don’t do.  Coaches are not therapists.  We don’t try to solve your problems by analyzing your past experiences or diagnosing any cognitive, psychological or emotional disorders.  In fact, we don’t try to solve your problems for you in any way.

What we do is listen, pose questions, and offer observations.  Many like us, also incorporate teaching into our practice.  Teaching, as an invitation, not that what I teach is the only option, but as an invitation to try some practices and techniques that have been useful for others.

Why hire a coach? 
Well why do some people hire a trainer?  Because we want support, guidance, and accountability.  Same reasons you want to hire a coach, but instead of working on your physical goals, we work on life goals; whether that be your health, your mindset, your career, your finances, your relationships, and other areas of your life on which you choose to work. All coaches are trained to listen, respond with questions, offer support and be direct and honest.

Coaches help you find solutions within yourself to make the changes needed to have what you truly desire.   This could be a myriad of things.  Perhaps you want to stop having the same arguments with your spouse.  Maybe you want to figure out if the career you are in is really what you want to be doing.  Maybe you’ve noticed a change in body weight and want to figure out how to still enjoy food but not keep gaining weight as you get older.  Perhaps you are celebrating your child’s wedding and having the house back to yourselves, but now what are you going to do?

What do all these scenarios have in common?  They involve going inward, exploring options, finding clarity as to what YOU really want and then coming up with an action plan.  Our lives are habitual.  We repeat the same patterns.  In order to make changes, we need to stop doing the same things.  To paraphrase Einstein, “Insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.”  That’s most of us.  We don’t realize we do the same things, but we do.  It’s the way our brain is connected.

Why can’t you simply make these changes on your own? Well you can try. However, because science has shown that 90% of our thoughts are repetitive, (and 80% of those are negative) most people find themselves in the same thought pattern. They find it difficult to shift on their own and see the multitude of possibilities.

Example, many of us think “the problem” is our current job. So we find a new job, thinking everything will be solved. But in reality, we are repeating the same behaviors and usually we find ourselves unhappy again in a short time. A coach interrupts these habits, offers questions and ideas that will prompt your brain to think differently, and provide guidance with new ideas and potential solutions. By asking thoughtful but direct questions, coaches provide a safe environment for you to reprogram your brain, opening up new possibilities!

Eclectic Well-Being focuses on Mindset and Nutrition, two areas where many people struggle but with simple changes, get exceptional results!

The Total Mind Shift is an 8 week program centered on discovering what makes you, well, you!  Exploring your character, your personality, your hopes and dreams.  Ensuring you have complete clarity as to what life you want to live, what brings you joy and abundance!  We focus on small changes you can make to truly be the person you want to be and have the life you desire.  At the end of 8 weeks you have a set of tools you can use whenever you find yourself falling back into old patterns.  If you need further support, we also have one-to-one as-needed sessions for past clients.

Metabolic Mindfulness is a 10-week program designed for people who want to identify as healthy, fit individuals, but aren’t quite sure where to begin, or have experienced setbacks in the past. This program covers everything you need to know to live consistently at your ideal body weight and never need to “go on a diet” ever again, while still eating food that tastes good and makes you feel good. We believe there is no “one best diet” out there that will work for everyone. Our program helps you to figure out what’s going to work for you, for the rest of your life.

Curious if Coaching can help you live with more joy, health and abundance?  Schedule a Discovery Call with either of us!